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What is SuperPack?

This is my very personal taste based modpack, you can like it or not, all mods added are intended mainly for immersion, realism and roleplaying, I do not want add content for content's sake mods like fancy body / location replacers / non-lore-friendly quests. I've even forced myself to keep less than 90 Esps actived (on a total of 180 plugins/mods!), so stability is assured .

FCOM SuperPack includes a clean FCOM installation plus some mods you (well, I actually) cannot live without, and that are intended to do not break the FCOM game balance. The main difference with other modpacks is that this one is auto-installing, you won't even need to rebuild the bashed patch, just install and play!! Lot of esps have been cleaned, meshes have been pyffied (optimized), many compatibility fixes, even those not available on the Nexus but made by myself (SUPER Patch.esp), have been introduced, and overall everything is improved in the best way.

How was born SuperPack?

I started to collect mods many years ago, just for myself. Since I needed to format my PC many times, I had to remember the modlist, installation procedure and tweaks. Month over month the modpack got bigger and better, updated, and with improved configuration to make all these mods work together without planning all from scratch.
Then, when it got very polished, I decided to share it and I've created the forums and the Installer version. Actually FCOM SuperPack is a true expansion-like installer.

What about modders? Did you ask permission to use their mods?

I hugely respect the modders work and I don't claim in any way to take any credit for it, and i hope you will be proud to see your mod featured here, being assured that it will be constantly updated, and any bug report will be quickly moved to your mod's support page.

But no, i didn't ask for permission because it is simply impossible with hundred of mods; therefore the question is "do it or not?", I decided to do it.

Mods are like words: someone invented them, but you won't ask every inventor permission for including his word in your book.

-Danwood quote Laughing

Did you at least credited them?

Of course I have. Full credit list can be found in "Oblivion\SuperPack Docs", after you have installed the modpack.

Are you planning to update the modpack often?

Many modders complain about modpacks because as they update their mods, in the modpack those mods stay obsolete, preventing the users to gain support from the original authors. That's why I've planned to update the SuperPack at least one time a month, with small patches and full release, in order to keep all the mods updated. I kept the modpack updated for over 3 years so far... why should I stop now? Most important, every bug users report to me, is directly reported to the mod authors by myself, but my main job is to fix incombatibilities between mods where authors usually don't put any effort (beside FCOM/STEP).

Are you planning to make a SuperPack for TES5 Skyrim as well?

Don't you see the new dedicated forum section for it?

Which mods are included in the SuperPack?

Visit the "FCOM SuperPack main thread (Description & Mods List)" topic for mod list.

Is the modpack stable? There are known bugs?

So far, the SuperPack is very stable, altrought there are few minor glithes (visit the bugs report forum for more info) but they are not a problem at all, vanilla Oblivion has more bugs Very Happy (thx UPs!).

Why didn't you include Deadly Reflex, Unique Landscapes, Better Cities and texture overhauls?

I don't like to change too drastically the gameplay, expecially I hate to break the game balance. With FCOM SuperPack game balance is assured! Better Cities/UL are improvements, but actually they take more disvantages than advantages with this modpack, since they slow down the fps a lot and mess some other mods even with the appropriate compatibility patches, so I decided to don't include them, just like other big landscape mods. Textures overhaul are easy to install, just install them before the SuperPack. They are too big to be included.

What about the installation method? Is it easy?

Easy? it's Automatic. With few clicks you will install more than 5 GB of great mods, already configured (ini, omods and necessary esps). Install and play, easy not?

What DLCs, Expansions i need to install FCOM SuperPack on my Oblivion?

All the official plugins: Shivering Isles, ALL the 9 DLC (including BattleHorn Castle, the last one) and the official patch v1.2.

My game crashes on startup Help!

Check the TROUMBLESHOOTING topic in the Download forum.

There is an unistallation option?

Not yet, you have to unistall the whole Oblivion and manually remove the SuperPack files. I planned to include an unistaller feature in the future versions.

Your English sucks, why?

Sorry, I'm not native speaker and I had to learn proper eng from the internet Smile


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