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Flower three-dimensional decoration
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In recent years, the three-dimensional decoration of flowers in the modern city of landscaping more and more attention, flower three-dimensional decoration is relative to the general plane flower decoration in terms of a garden decoration approach, that is, through the appropriate carrier (various forms of containers and combinations The combination of garden color aesthetics and decorative greening principle, after a reasonable plant configuration, the decorative function of plants from the plane extension of space, the formation of facade or three-dimensional decorative effect, is a set of gardens, engineering, environmental art and other disciplines As one of the green way.
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The main features of three - dimensional decoration: 1. Make full use of a variety of space, a wide range of applications. In the same ground plane, the three-dimensional decoration is more green than the greening of the flat green, not only fully enhanced the greening effect, but also in the plane green can not be difficult or difficult to achieve satisfactory results, such as balconies, windowsill, doors, stairs To show their talents. 2. Fully embodies the flexibility of creation. Flowers and three-dimensional decoration to a variety of individual forms of the carrier form the basic skeleton, and then with a variety of flowers and the completion of a specific landscape shaping, in the pursuit of individual landscape today, much hobby designers favor. 3. Can quickly become a scene, in line with the needs of modern urban development and efficiency. It is out of the limitations of the land, can be moved, can quickly assembled, a short period of time will be able to form a better landscape effect. 4. Effectively soften, green buildings, shaping the human life space. Can be fully green, beautify the tall buildings or bridges of the facade, weaken the building to bring people to the sense of oppression and space on the monotonous sense. 5. Routine maintenance is very convenient. Most of the three-dimensional decorative products are equipped with a complete set of drip irrigation system, greatly reducing the daily maintenance strength, making routine maintenance simplified as a little effort. Three-dimensional decorative flowers are mainly hanging plants and vertical plants.
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Whether it is the hustle and bustle of the city, or quiet country town, see the walls, balconies, windowsill, road poles, street fence, etc. at the basket, flower trough, flower ball, flower tower, etc., its style, colorful, Can be described as readily available, with the three-dimensional decoration of flowers to deepen the study, its development space is showing from small cities to small and medium-sized cities to expand the trend.
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Flower three-dimensional decoration
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