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FO3 SuperPack Mods
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I'll post the mod list, for now. There is much more to say about this modpack, i'll post more info in the next hours/days.

FO3 SuperPack Mods List:


Main Utilities:

-FO3Edit v2.5.3
-FOMM v0.12.6
-FOSE v1.2 beta2

Texture Packs (included in the Full installation):

-Enhanced Blood v2.1 (Default Screen Gore)
-HiRes Armor and Weapons
-Hi-Res Historical Documents
-NMC Texture Pack v1.1 (Performance)
-Clear World Map v1
-Enhanced Night Sky v0.1b
-krzymar HiRes Moon v0.2.0 Bright
-LadyDeadlock Atmospheric Sun Glare v1.01
-BetterClutterCollection v1.0
-Better Brooze v0.2b Mainstreem + Wine
-HiRes Skill Books v1.0
-Books Debunked v1.3
-Pre-War Money Retexture ALL

FWE & FOIP Mods:

-DarnUI F3a11
-DarnUI FWE Update
-Marts Mutants Mod RC6
-Weapons Mod Kit v1.1.9
-Project Beauty v2
-Energy Visuals Enhanced v0.96 Beta
-Fallout 3 Wanderer Edition v6.03a
-FOIP Compatiblity Patches

FWE Companion Mods:

-Enhanced Weather v1.5 OLD - (Needed Files Only)
-Radioactive Rain Variable v1.2 (Rad Resistible 10-60 No message)
-Dynamic Weather v2.21
-RobCo Certified v2.3 + Omnipatch
-Street Lights v2 + SL Wasteland
-Realistic Interior Lighting v.72
-Wasteland Whisperer v2.11

Other Mods:

-Ambient Wasteland v2.0
-Burnification v0.2
-DC Interiors v2.5
-FO3 Re-Animated v0.22.1
-IMCN v1.5.1 (MMM & FWE Updates)
-See You Time for Bed v0.82b + Inventory Starting
-Wolf Backpack v1.0b + Hotfix (No Message)
-DLC Refurbish b1
-Fire Light Fix v2009b
-UPP Final (Pack 1&2 + Exp perks)
-Arwen VisionFX v1.1
-FLAK v0.4
-RC Realignment v5.2
-Megaton Lighting Overhaul v1.0
-FR-EN Pip-Light v1.01
-Gifts4Kids v1.21
-Immersive Health v1.0
-IPip Player v1.1
-More Map Markers v3.0 - No Download
-FWE Outcast Acceptable Tech v1.0 EVE Version
-NPC Response Expansion v1.0
-Overhead 3P Camera v1.0
-Owned! v3.0
-Portable tent v1.0
-Power of the Atom (FOOK-FWE) v1.0
-Radiation Visual Effects v1.0 - Green
-Tweaked Compass for DarnUI by Danwood v1.0
-Wasteland Mastery v3.0
-Zumbs' Overhauled Real-Time Security v2.1


-CASM v1.2.3
-FO3 Configator v1.26
-FO3 RAM Boost v1.1
-FO Sutter Remover v4.0.7
-MySQLA v1.4

Optimized INI included

Please, hold your mods suggestions until you read the not-included-mods-and-why list in the suggestion forum Mr. Green
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can't wait to play this
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great work
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Looks great!
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FO3 SuperPack Mods
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