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NOT Implemented Mods and why
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Suited Mods concept:

I choose mods using the following parameters:

-The mod has to be VERY STABLE

-The mod should add something really worth, i won't never add "content for content's sake" mods (this applies also for mods adding quests)

-The mod should be totally compatible with the overall modpack

-The mod should not add too much inventory clutter (config options and such items)

-The mod should not add in-game POP-UPs which can break the game immersion

-The mod ABSOLUTELY should not break the main FWE/FOIP BALANCE

This is the list of the mods i'm planning to add, but for some reason they are not totally compatible and i'm waiting for a patch or a god miracle:

-RH Ironsights FOSE (not actually compatible with FWE, waiting for a patch. Let me know when a compatibility patch is ready)

-Destruction (not compatible with FWE)

-eXcalibr (waiting for a FWE v6.03 compatibility patch)

This is the list of the mod which i've tested, but i've decided to don't include in the SuperPack for one or more of the reasons above:

-Unofficial F3 Patch v1.2.0 (unstable, causes crashes)

-Error Correction (causes crashes)

-Clear Cell Buffers (causes random crashes)

-DOF andMB Optimized (FPS loss is too high in confront of the visual quality gained)

-Fellout (It doesn't stack with the feeling of the game setting, you can use it if you prefer)

-Megaton House and Theme (the player house is not supposed to be an Hotel)

-FNNCQ (causes probably weird AI behaviour with FWE + MMM)

-Tub Level Switch v1.0 (useless, use cheats instead)

-Underground Hideout (player is not supposed to have an overpowered base, with all sort of commodities)

-Zumbs Improved Sniper Shack Home (MMM conflict)

-Pipboy Readius v1.4 (BUG, light shuts down when changing cell or loading)

-MTCWastelandTravellers (adds inventory clutter, adds weird red signals on some places, useless with fwe which already adds its travellers and wastelanders.

-Pre War Book Titles (adds inventory clutter, same feature already in FWE)

-Alt Start FWE Redux v1.2 (Umbalanced, adds too much ammo at the start)

-Childkiller (incompatible with FWE)

-The Naked Gun (perks given not totally balanced for FWE)

-AMPUTATE (adds inventory clutter,not suited for FWE)

-Animated Prostitution v2.5 (too much complex and heavy mod)

-Devour Gore (conflicts with IMCN and FWE)

-FleshBurningPlasma (conflicts with EVE)

-Fo3 Cars Defused (not compatible with FWE)

-NoEMPTYContainerMessages (bugged)

-PipPack v (FR-EN Pip-Light is better)

-Raiders wear Pitt Armor (similiar feature included in FWE)

-URWL Ultra Realistic Wasteland Lighting (not realistic, too colorful)

-WRWC (buggy as hell)

-Hi-Res Weapons and Ammo Textures (maybe included in FWE or EVE)
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Just found your megapacks and finally happy I have stable modded FO3 game. Going to try the Oblivion and New Vegas packs as well. Please keep updating.

Just wanted to let you know that there a number of patches posted for Ironsights.

fwe, FO3 reanimated,....

DC Interiors has also been updated - more areas have been opened up.

Would you consider adding some missions (i.e Puce Moose has developed some lore friendly missions for FO3 and NV) and town expansions to your packs?

i.e Crimson Caravan - expands Arefu and adds missions?


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NOT Implemented Mods and why
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